Wildlife Outage Protection Products

Wildlife Outage Protection Products

Wildlife Outage Protection Products

Wildlife and Aviation caused power outages, has been costing huge amounts for the Power transmission companies. Birds are getting electrocuted, from powerlines. Crawling animals like, snakes, long tail animals like squirrels, when they climb the PTR, cause short circuit between live parts, causing electrocution. Also there is a great concern, amongst environmental groups about these deaths among birds and wildlife. The utility companies, around the globe, have realized the importance of using products, to prevent these outages and increase reliability of their network.

Why Chose Wildlife outage protectors from VinDip

  • 1.VinDip’s wildlife outage protectors are crafted to excellence, to handle harsh atmospheric and animal related outages throughout transmission, substation and distribution network.
  • 2.Our protectors are made from UV stabilized plastisol compound with high dielectric strength.
  • 3.We provide a wide array of insulation covers in PVC, PE and Silicon for substation, distribution, and transmission equipment.
  • 4.Design assistance
  • 5.Customized solutions
  • 6.In-house tool shop
  • 7.In-house formulation lab
  • 8.In-house testing of the desired, electrical and mechanical testing.

Our wide range of products will be the perfect solution, for utilities companies, to build animal friendly structures.

Aviation Guards

1. BirdGuards/ Aviation Guards / Pin Insulator covers

Plastisol pin insulator covers are used to protect birds and aviation from contact on crossarm pin insulators.

Bushing Covers

2. Transformer Bushing Guards

Bushing Covers are installed on transformer bushings to prevent outages caused by animal contact.

Arrester covers

3. Arrester covers / Lightning arrester covers

Current surges are diverted through arresters. It is especially important to insulate this part, with a non-flammable product, i.e Lightning arrester cover, made with UV stabilized plastisol compound.

Cutout covers

4. Cutout covers

PVC insulation covers, designed to be used on fuse cut out switches.

Substation wildlife protection

5. Substation wildlife protection products

We provide various custom-made insulation products, to insulate all the live metal network, across the site.

Silicon Overhead Line covers

6. Silicon Overhead Line covers

Overhead Insulation covers, provide a ideal solution for power outages caused due to trees and electrocution of birds.